Reading Struggles...

Autonomists begin with a workers’ inquiry by “reading struggles,” recording everyday resistance and overt rebellions, as the working class creates new relationships and new subjectivities, escapes capitalist command (even temporarily), and is recomposed (and often decomposed) vis-à-vis its struggle with capitalism and the state apparatus. 






Upcoming Events
Building Everyday Revolutions (at work and school)
Labor Temple
Building Everyday Revolutions (at work and school)
College of the Redwoods
Kevin Van Meter at the 10th Annual Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair
1611 Peninsula Dr
How social and environmental justice movements develop and persevere in the face of repression
Del Norte Educational Center


For speaking, workshop, and interview requests, contact the Institute of Anarchist Studies Mutual Aid Speakers Bureau

For curriculum vitae and educational background, visit Van Meter's page at the University of Minnesota. 

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