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"People all over the world, and particularly ordinary working people in factories, mines, fields, and offices"C.L.R. James, Grace Lee Boggs, and Cornelius Castoriadis argued in Facing Reality—"are rebelling every day in ways of their own invention." Our task is to record these everyday rebellions, read these struggles. 

Kevin Van Meter

Reading Struggles is the website of author, labor educator, and union organizer Kevin Van Meter. Kevin writes about contemporary labor issues, labor history, and neighboring social issues.  As an educator, he provides training so that union members and workers can create democratic workplaces and communities. 


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American Worker:

International History, Reception, and Responses

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Reading Struggles: Autonomist Marxism from Detroit to Turin & Back Again


Guerrillas of Desire: Notes on Everyday Resistance & Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible


More Books & Other Writing


Uses of a Whirlwind: Movement, Movements, & Contemporary Radical Currents in the US

(with Team Colors)


Labor Studies,

Labor History, & Contemporary Labor Issues


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Kevin Van Meter’s eloquent and provocative book Guerillas of Desire gave me a whole new way to think about organizing.

This eye-opening book...makes us see the problem of 'organizing' in a new and much more useful way... We are already organized, Van Meter argues, we are already in revolt, and we always have been. The job of the organizer is to ask questions, to listen, and to cross-pollinate the wisdom of both open revolt and everyday resistance in communities everywhere. 

Beautifully written, Guerrillas of Desire shows the power of the refusal of work of those
capitalism has subjugated…


editor at LABOR NOTES

ERIC LAURSEN, independent journalist and AK PRESS 






Kevin Van Meter

(he/him/his) is an author, labor educator, and union organizer. He is author of Guerrillas of Desire, co-editor of Uses of a Whirlwind, writes regularly on 

contemporary labor issues, and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Labor and Society.  

Kevin holds a PhD in Geography, Environment and Society with a focus on labor history, working-class studies, and spatial theory. He studies the impact labor unions and workers’ organizations have on the changing regimes of work within the United States and examines the ways in which working-class and poor people self-organize within regimes of work, produce new forms of life at and outside of work, and construct narratives about their working lives. 

Kevin is honored to serve as a faculty member in the newly founded

Scontras Center for Labor and Community Education at University of Southern Maine.

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For interview, speaking, and workshop requests, contact Kevin directly using the email below.   

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