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How the Poor Continue to Die

Updated: May 16, 2021

"Humanity has entered a period 'where every day people are dying among strangers.'

Daily life itself has become 'strange' and isolating as social distancing and quarantine measures are being lifted, then reenacted.  Federal troops operating as secret police in an attempt to occupy American cities, are repelled by protestors and the populace.  News cycles shriek and squall with nearly every pontification from the political class as they continue to carry out their 'sacred mission,' which in recently memory is accompanied by squealing ineptitude in regard to improving the actual conditions of life.  Or, maybe they are not inept.  Months ago, at the onset of the pandemic, pundits and politicians had already declared that testing, treatments, and vaccines would not be offered to everyone."

An essay titled "How the Poor Continue to Die" by Kevin Van Meter published in the Pandemics from the Bottom Up online series for Perspectives on Anarchist Theory / Institute for Anarchist Studies.

Read the full article here.     

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