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Two Upcoming Panels with Common Notions

Updated: May 5, 2021

Quite pleased to be organizing and facilitating two panels in May along with my comrades in Common Notions. More information and links shortly.

Workers’ Autonomy from Detroit to Turin and Beyond

Sunday, May 9th at 10:00AM-12:00PM PST

How is the concept of working class autonomy — from capitalism and the state apparatus, from the official organizations of the Left (political parties, nonprofit organizations, progressive religious groups, foundations, etc.) — indebted to Black and Brown liberation movements? To begin to answer this question, we will revisit the early conversations between CLR James and others about the “autonomy” of black liberation, intertwining of black liberation struggles and autonomist worker organizing in the lives and work of Grace Lee and Jimmy Boggs, and the relationships between black autoworkers and autonomists in Italy. Join panelists Paul Buhle, Scott Kurashige, Nico Pizzolato, and Andrew Anastasi with facilitator Kevin Van Meter. Hosted by Common Notions and Red May. View the discussion here.

Green May, Red May: Ecological and Workers' Struggles After the Plague Year

Tuesday, May 25th from 1:00-3:00PM EST

After this “plague year” what lessons and challenges required the immediate attention of revolutionary forces? Participants will draw on historical and current examples of intertwined ecological and workers' struggles to address the realities and struggles that come next: wildfires, resource extraction, food insecurity, climate change, ecological collapse and the need for a radical movement of working-class and common peoples to create new worlds. Join panelists Peter Linebaugh, Eleanor Finley, CounterPower (authors of Organizing for Autonomy), Out of the Woods Collective (authors of Hope Against Hope), and more with facilitator Kevin Van Meter. Hosted by Common Notions and Radical May.

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