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On Study Groups...

Every Sunday evening I "gather," remotely of course, with comrades from around the United States to discuss organizing challenges we collectively face, condition(s) of the Left and revolutionary forces, emergent struggles, political recomposition of the working class, and related themes.

For the past eight months we have reread Karl Marx's Capital, Volume I along with secondary sources, in this case David Harvey and Harry Cleaver's treatment of the first volume. Before heading into the wilderness of Volumes II and III, we are revisiting WEB DuBois's Black Reconstruction in America, then CLR James's A History of Pan-African Revolt and Notes on Dialectics, followed by Cedric Robinson’s monumental Black Marxism. And are looking forward to the long overdue release of Silvia Federici's Patriarchy of the Wage: Notes on Marx, Gender, and Feminism.

Study groups among radicals and revolutionaries often serve as a refuge, a nursery of ideas, a practice space and a platform for lauching new intiatives. And I am grateful for the time I spend with comrades every Sunday evening.

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