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"We Should Demand Democratic Workplaces, But What Does That Mean?"

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

"Every cook can govern their kitchen. By extension every cook can operate their restaurant in council with the front of house. Then, outside the front doors, every cook can govern their neighborhood in which they work as well as operate the larger communities of which they are part. What begins in the kitchen, with organizing unions and democratic workplaces, extends throughout society. It is a horizon in which to act as well as a one toward which we are striving."

Read my latest for New Politics magazine on workplace democracy with Alexandra Bradbury of Labor Notes, Bob Bussel of University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center - LERC, Esteban Kelly of US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, Kate Khatib of Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse, Erik Forman of The Drivers Cooperative, and Robin Hahnel author of the recently released AK Press title A Participatory Economy!'

Take a read here.

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